Well Done Kids !

U12 Girls
Singles - 1st Cheryl Yap
U12 Boys
Doubles - 2nd Eugene Yeo
Team - 1st Eugene Yeo
All Events - 2nd Eugene Yeo
U15 Boys
Doubles - 2nd Matthias Ong 
Doubles - 1st Megan Ong
All events - 2nd Megan Ong
Doubles - 2nd Jamie Dylan Tam
All Events - 2nd Jamie Dylan Tam

Peekaboo !

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Quotable Quote !

About Expectations

"If you are going to be a champion, you must be willing to pay a greater price"

 - Bud Wilkinson

Centre of Excellence (COE) Programme 2016

Centre of Excellence COE ProgrammeThe STRIKE Centre of Excellence (COE) programme is open to all aspiring bowlers to improve or aspire to join the ranks of the National Development Squad.  Endorsed by the Singapore Bowling Federation (SBF).

Be part of the proven and most rigorous youth development programme.

For COE 2016, Elementary, Intermediate and Advance Level COE Programmes are offered.  Programmes are conducted from 30 Jan. 2016 to 26 Oct. 2016.  Skills Assessment and Selection Trials will be conducted in Nov. and Dec. 2016.. 

For more information, please contact:


Tel: 65114570  (10 am to 6 pm)


LEARN TO BOWL correctly with STRIKE Academy during this coming December School Holidays !

Specially designed Bowl-in-a-Week Programme ( Monday to Friday) will see your child pick up the foundation bowling skils including the release, proper finishing position and five step approach.

Come discover the champion bowler in your child !

STRIKE ACADEMY is a premier bowling school in Singapore that is also endorsed by The Singapore Bowling Federation for its Centre of Excellence Programmes (COE).

Please contact admin@strikeacademy.com  or call 65114570 (10am to 6 pm) for more information (BOWLING LESSON FOR CHILDREN / BEGINNER)


National Development Squad 2016

Congratulations to the following STRIKE bowlers who were selected for the NATIONAL YOUTH DEVELOPMENT SQUAD 2016. 

1. Karen Tan

2. Sya Sya Ismail

3. Marcus Lim



What a year 2015 has been for the inter-schools bowling championships.  A rare hat-trick was acheived by the schools coached by our STRIKE Head Coach - Billy Choo.  C Division ( Sec.1 & 2 ) , B Division (Sec. 3 & 4) and Junior College (JC1 & JC 2 ).  Congratulations and well done !

bowling champion bowling

MILO and PENANG PESTA Tournament 2015

MILO All Stars Bowling TournamentParticipation in overseas tournaments are great opportunities for our bowlers to build confidence, resilience and sow the seeds for excellence.

STRIKE is pleased to facilitate participation in two upcoming regional tournaments, suitable for our bowlers: 

1.  MILO  International Junior All-Stars tournament.  held at Sunway Megalanes, Sunway Pyramid, Malaysia from 21st November – 6th  December 2015 (please enquire the actual tournament support dates)

2.  PENANG Pesta International Championship, held at Mega Bowling Centre, Pinang Mega Mall, Prai, Malaysia from 11th – 19th December  2015( please enquire the actual tournament support dates below )

STRIKE is happy make arrangements for Registration, MQ booking and Scheduling and provide Coaching and Admin Support throughout the Tournaments.  Parents and Bowlers are requested to make their own arrangements to book Travel, Hotel, and Transfer Arrangement. 

Please email Siew Hoon (siewhoon@strikeacademy.com) to register before 30 Sep. 2015


STRIKE Alumnus news

STRIKE Alumnus JOEY YEO recently won the Inaugural women BOWLING WORLD OPEN held in Japan. A remarkable achievement for a 17 year old competing with the best amateur and professional bowlers in the world.  Set your goal and mind, and you can achieve !!

bowling world champion

STRIKE Alumnus Spotlight !

Congratulations to STRIKE ALUMNUS, KRISTIN QUAH for being accepted into VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY, a top 20 US university, on a bowling scholarship for 2015. We wish her all the very best for her studies and her performances on the NCAA bowling circuit. 

Vanderbilt Bowling Scholarship Kristin Quah

STRIKE Quarterly Medal 2015

Every STRIKE bowler gets to participate in the STRIKE Quarterly Medals (QM ).  Everyone gets to have fun bowling a competition format with accompanying events and lots of prizes to win.  QMs are conducted once a quarter.

The objectives are:

1. Educate and expose students to rules and different format of bowling competition. Improve bowling knowledge and competition etiquette in general.

2. Instil proper communications protocol with coaches during competition.

3. Report on and update major Academy initiatives and events

4. To identify deserving bowlers for recognition and sponsorship for major competitions E.g : MILO Junior All Stars ( KL, Malaysia )

5. To promote bonding and friendship within the STRIKE community and bowling fraternity at large


The consolidated results for all four QM in 2015 are shown below: 

Bowling for Kids, Children and Beginners

LEARN TO BOWL correctly with STRIKE Academy !

Structured bowling classes and lessons for kids, the beginner, leisure bowler, school bowling team, competitive bowler and through to selection for the National Youth Development Squad.

Bowling for kids...Call us now  ! 

Email: admin@strikeacademy.com 

Tel : 65114570


Reach for your dreams !

Do you complain about every little thing ? Are your giving your best ? Ever thought of giving up ? NO  EXCUSES kids .....reach for your dreams





Contact Us!


STRIKE Academy Private Limited

Entrepreneur Centre, 50 Tagore Lane, #05-03i, S(787494)

Tel: (65) 65114570          Fax: (65) 65112969

Office Hours: 10am to 6 pm

Email: admin@strikeacademy.com


STRIKE Academy is A premier bowling academy in Singapore that conducts regular bowling classes for kids, beginners, school team, competitive bowler, all the way through to the National Youth Development Squad.  


Well Done Schools !

A Division ( JC1 & 2)
Overall Champion - ACJC
Doubles - ACJC 1st
Team (Quartet) - ACJC 1st
All Events - ACJC 1st
Overall Champion - ACJC
Doubles - ACJC 1st
Team (Quartet) - ACJC 1st
B Division  ( Sec. 3 & 4 )
Overall Champion - ACSI
Doubles - ACSI 1st
Stepladder - ACSI 1st
Team ( Quartet ) - ACSI 2nd
All Events - ACSI 2nd
C Division (Sec. 1 & 2 )
Overall Champion - ACSI
Doubles - ACSI 2nd
Team ( Quartet ) - ACSI 2nd

Important Policies

  • Scheduled classes are reserved for students who have paid and are confirmed
  • Students should attend scheduled classes regularly
  • All classes are scheduled and listed on the ONLINE PORTAL. No reminders to attend classes will be sent
  • Students are to confirm their SCHEDULE and TRAINING VENUE before class from the ONLINE PORTAL
  • Students are responsible to settle any lane fees due before leaving the bowling centre
  • Students not able to attend any class MUST withdraw from the PORTAL at least 24 hours before class
  • One lesson will be computed and any lane fees will apply if no withdrawal is made on PORTRAL and no prior notice is received
  • Students/Parents are to schedule replacement classes from the PORTAL
  • Replacement classes are only offered based on a what is available basis
  • Replacement classes must be scheduled and attended within the duration of the current programme
  • If no suitable replacement is available/provided, the missed lesson will be forfeited.
  • All fees to be payable prior to start of programme
  • One month notice before the end of current programme is required if the student does not intend to continue
  • A refundable deposit is payable upon enrollment into a regular programme
  • Deposit will be refunded in full subject to One Month notice before end of current programme and no lanes penalties and/or other arrears outstanding
  • Annual membership fee is payable in Jan each year for the whole year. Membership for students who join anytime within the year will be valid until end of the current year.
  • STRIKE reserves the right to make, amend, vary, add to or remove policies that the management deems necessary for the smooth and practical running of operations and conduct of lessons.  
More details of important policies are found in the Registration Form and on the Payment Advice